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Colorized Photos

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Many of these photos can be found in the National Archives and on  Some are local.
Colorizing the original black & white photo can bring out details otherwise missed.  And it's fun.

"If Mamma Ain't Happy,
Ain't Nobody Happy."
Lewis Hine's 1941 Photo at Bibb Mill #1, Macon, Ga.
wpe16.jpg (60436 bytes)

The colorized version was rotated and matched to the black & white original to give a panoramic effect.

"Keep On Truckin'"
Russell Lee's 1938 Photo at Raceland, LA
wpe1.jpg (653721 bytes)
"Can You Hear Me Now?"
Esther Bubley's 1942 Photo, Dissin's Guest House, Washington D. C.
wpe13.jpg (71435 bytes)
Rita Moyer, ca. 1945
From the collection of 
A. C. Elliott, Jr.
Dungannon, Va.
wpeA.jpg (72076 bytes)
"Lady's Night Out"
Raceland, La., 1938,
Russell Lee
wpeE.jpg (129382 bytes)
Miss Orloff, New York City, 1921
An Aspiring Stage Actress, 
G. G. Bain
wpeC.jpg (75064 bytes)
Soaps, Drama, News
1943 WW II Worker,
Washington, D. C.
at Dissin's Guest House, Esther Bubley
wpe14.jpg (55219 bytes)
"Dream On, Dream On,
Teenage Queen"
An Esther Bubley, 1943 Photograph at Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, D.C.
wpe11.jpg (368781 bytes)
"Pleasantville Effect"
1943 WWII Worker,
Washington, D. C.
wpe18.jpg (47474 bytes)
"When Its Pea Pickin' Time"
Arthur Rothstein's 1937 Itinerant Farm Labors, Winter Haven, Fla., 1937

wpe1.jpg (96391 bytes)
"On The Town"
1940, Marshalltown, Iowa
Arthur Rothstein
wpeE.jpg (106736 bytes)
"Fiddler's, Rosin Up Your Bow"
Nathan Drake, Weslaco, Tx., 1942
by Arthur Rothstein 
NathanDrake-1942-WeslacoTX-05.jpg (156311 bytes)


 Dorthea Lange's 1937 Photo of A Migrant Farmer's Ill Child.
wpe1.jpg (75661 bytes)
"A Brighter Day Dawns" 
Gees Bend, Al., 1937
Arthur Rothstein
wpe14.jpg (181771 bytes)
"Ravishin' Ruby"
Detroit Publishing Co., ca. 1900
 wpe1.jpg (63273 bytes)


 Patrick Porter Mill
First Grist Mill in Scott County, Va.
wpe1.jpg (129783 bytes)
Carter Frazier Family,
Big Cut Area, Scott Co., Va.,
ca. 1925
wpeA.jpg (68470 bytes)
Peters Family, Big Cut Area, 
Scott Co., Va., ca. 1925
 wpe4.jpg (97415 bytes)

 Landon Tivis Baker
Scott Co., Va., ca. 1925
wpeC.jpg (60587 bytes)

Young Ladies of Lynn Garden
5th Grade, 1949-1950
 wpe1.jpg (78107 bytes)

Migrant Farm Family
Blythe, Ca., 8-17-1936,
by Dorothea Lange
wpe1.jpg (76893 bytes)
The Girl, 1911
Lewis Hine
wpe1.jpg (53171 bytes)
Procto, Vt., 1910
Lewis Hine
wpe3.jpg (55402 bytes)
Bates Cafe
Tombal, Tx., 1945
Esther Bubley
wpe5.jpg (52882 bytes)
"Up In The Morning 
An' Out To School
Woodrow Wilson High School
Washington, D.C., 1943
Esther Bubley
wpe1.jpg (61904 bytes)
"Ring, Ring Goes The Bell,
The Cook In The Lunchroom
Is Ready To Sell"
Woodrow Wilson High School
Washington, D.C., 1943
Esther Bubley
wpe4.jpg (53168 bytes)
Harry Truman Look-Alike
Contest Winner
Tombal, TX, 1945
Esther Bubley
wpe1.jpg (42179 bytes)
Hero Of The Street, 1910-11
Harris & Ewing
wpe1.jpg (73382 bytes)
Tennessee Migrants, ca. 1935
Carl Mydans
wpe3.jpg (90853 bytes)
Rambin' Red Wreck
Washington, D.C., ca. 1920
National Photographic
wpe1.jpg (65280 bytes)
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