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Displaying Photos at WorldConnect

Harrison AmbroseMany of today's genealogy programs create "Media" links that display your image files within the program.  Those links are to files located on your hard drive.  To display your photos at WorldConnect, you must create HTML links in your GEDCOM that point to image files you have uploaded to the web.  Image files can not be uploaded to the WorldConnect servers, so you will need to find another web host such as RootsWeb Freepages for your image files.

Once you have uploaded your image files to their online home, add the links to your genealogy database. The <img src=> link can be added to either the FACT or NOTE fields for any individual in your database.

  1. In your genealogy program, navigate to the individual for which you wish to display an image/photo at WorldConnect.
  2. In the FACT or NOTE field, add the link: <img src="http://url_of_the_file">.
    You will need to use an absolute link -- the complete web address beginning with http:// and ending with the file name of the image. For example, the photo at the top of this page appears using the link
    <img src="
  3. Export a new GEDCOM containing your HTML link(s).
  4. Login to your RootsWeb username at My Account or User Setup/Edit.
  5. In My Account, click the "Edit" link next to the name of the tree you are updating. In WC Setup, click on the name of the tree.
  6. Under "Tree Settings" choose "Display Options".
  7. Choose YES to "Allow HTML in GEDCOM".
  8. Click Update to save your changes.
If you are using the old Setup tools, login to your tree usercode and select Advanced Setup.   Allow HTML in GEDCOM is line #17.
  1. Use the "Browse" button to locate your new GEDCOM containing the new links.
  2. Click Upload/Update to upload your new GEDCOM and your new display options.

The HTML you insert in your GEDCOM will be nested into the existing code for WorldConnect displays, so image placement will depend in large part on where you choose to add the HTML in your GEDCOM.

Links in the general notes field for an individual will usually appear near the top of the page.

You can use the align attribute to push the photo to the right of the fact list.

Links in the place/location field for a fact will look something like this.

As on your other web pages, you can make the image displayed on your WC page into a link to a larger version of the image file.

To add a photo or graphic to every page of your WorldConnect display, add the code for the link in the Title or Header fields of Setup.

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