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A Sample Web Page

Grevy Zebra
Grevy Zebra; Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
1987 Pat Asher
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Lucky me! For 20 years I was able to combine
my love of animals with my profession, photography.

But after lugging around 25 or 30 pounds of equipment every day I wasn't in the darkroom printing what I had photographed the day before, I find the time I now have to devote to genealogy, the internet, and learning HTML an equally satisfying, if less physically demanding exercise.

To my astonishment, I found learning HTML was much less difficult than I had at first supposed. Once I stopped being afraid of making a mistake, I started experimenting and discovered it was not that much different than using a word processor.

Writing your own HTML can be fun. This page was created without any fancy code or "tricks", just the basic tags discussed in Very Basic HTML. HTML is constantly evolving, so there is always something new to learn, but I hope this beginner's approach has helped you in creating or modifying your own first web page(s). If it has helped, I'd like to hear about it. Send email to Pat Asher

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