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Uploading with Dreamweaver


This should be done before you begin creating your webpages. The site you have defined will display your local files and folders in the Local Folder box of the window when you are ready to FTP.
  • Site Name: The identifier you choose for your Freepages website

  • Local Root Folder: The location where you have saved your web pages on your hard drive:

  • HTTP Address: The URL where your files will appear on the Freepages server:

    where xxxx is the directory where you choose to upload your files: family, genealogy, military, etc.; and userid is your account name. You will need to create a unique site definition for each xxxx_html directory you use.


Setup FTP Connection (Remote Info)

  • Access: FTP

  • FTP Host:

  • Host Directory: The directory/URL where you want your files to appear, i.e.
    files uploaded to genealogy_html will appear at
    files uploaded to military_html will appear at

  • Login: Your UserID/account name

  • Password: Your password as sent to you in your Welcome letter. Remember your Freepages password is CaSe seNsiTiVe. PASSword is not the same as passWORD.


CONNECTING to the server

  1. Click Site > Site Files
    If necessary, select the site you have defined from the drop-down "Site:" menu. Your local files should appear in the right hand side (Local Folder) box.

  2. Click Edit > Locate in Remote Folder
    to connect to Freepages. Any files/folders you have uploaded previously will be displayed in the left hand box (Remote Site:)

  3. To upload a file, highlight and click
    Site > Put
    To download a file from the server to your computer, click
    Site > Get


Thanks to Nancy Beach for general instructions and screen shots.

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