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Tri-Valley TMG Report Definitions and Filters

We may not be quite finished with Evidence Explained, but the Tri-Valley TMG Users Group is taking a long break to explore TMG's powerful reporting capabilities. The report definitions and filters we create will be posted here, with links to the sample reports and discussions about these reports.

If you would like to copy these report definitions and filters for use in your own datasets, here is a relatively simple, although inelegant, procedure.

  1. Right-click on the file link and choose the "Save link as..." option. (Your browser may use the phrase "Save target as..." or some similar phrase.)
  2. In the resulting "Save as" window, navigate to your TMG data folder. This is usually found in your My Documents folder and is called The Master Genealogist v8 (or v7).
  3. The report definition files end with the suffix .RPT and should be saved in the Configuration_files folder.
  4. The filter files end with .FLP, .FLE, etc., and should be saved in the Projects folder, or the projects subfolder, if you have created one.

The discussions about creating these reports are very important. What information you enter into your personal TMG dataset, and how you enter that information, may be determined by the reports you want to create. These reports should give you lots of ideas!

Journal Reports

List of People Reports

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.