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Tracking Our Custom Source Elements

In an ideal world, our source element groups would never conflict, our source element labels would always make sense, and everything we created in TMG 0.87 would have translated into TMG 7.xx without creating this uncontrollable desire to edit everything to take advantage of all the new TMG features. Since this isn't an ideal world, sometimes logical and consistent seem to take a back seat.

If you create your own source templates, it's imperative to keep track of the custom source elements you create. Otherwise, the accumulating chaos may become too much to handle. Due to popular request, I am posting the Excel files our TV-TMG group is using as we create our source templates.

  • This Excel file is simply a listing of all the source elements provided by TMG and all the custom source elements we have created to date. Columns contain the name of the source element, the source element group to which it belongs, the source definition tab where the element will be found, whether or not it is a custom source, and whether or not it obeys the "LastName First" rule.
  • This Excel file tracks source elements based on their appearance in each custom source type.
  • This is an experimental Excel file that compares source elements used in similar source types. It's the start of an attempt to create basic templates as starting points for similar records.

As you may have noted on our blog, we are now entertaining requests for custom source templates. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or template requests.