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List of People Report: Finding SSDI Candidates (continued)

You want to create a list of people you haven't searched for in the SSDI, but you haven't been using the SSN tag. There ought to be some way to create this list of people, even without the presence of a specific tag like the SSN tag. Let's analyze the problem.

  1. First, determine the type of report we want. Ultimately, we want a list of people, so we'll start by examining that report type.
  2. What people belong on that list? We don't want anyone we've already found in the SSDI and we don't want anyone who was born and died before the Social Security Administration existed. We want a filtered group that includes only people who might have had a Social Security number, but who we haven't yet searched for on the SSDI.
  3. The birth and death lines in the original list of people report filter will work for this report, but we don't have a SSN tag. What do we have?
    • We have a Master Source list entry for the SSDI.
    • We have events that are documented by citations that link to that Master Source list entry.
    • Can we use this information to create a filter in the List of People report? Try it.
  4. There is a way to filter the List of People report by Any Event..., but selecting citations for that event is not a possibility. This means that a List of People report is not an option.
  5. Two possible list types are suggested by the information we have: a List of Events report and a List of Citations report. Look at the List of Citations report possibilities on your own. This page will examine the List of Events report.

Sometimes the options available in each "List of ..." report will help us make the best choice. Our PDF chart comparing the various reports will open in a new window so you can keep it handy for reference.

Report Definition

Report Definition Screen

The image on the left shows the Report Definition Screen for this report. The report configuration name is "TVTMG_Events_Source." The subjects will be part of a filtered group, and the report will be saved initially to a Screen Preview.

Report Filter

Report Filter Screen

What an easy filter this is, right?

  • Any citation... is a field option.
  • Src Number is an available subfield.
  • Using [?] as the value allows us to reuse this report for other sources. This could be a very useful report. Reusing it to find people we've already found in the SSDI may be necessary. Have you used the SSDI on only one site? I've used the indexes available on four different websites in my personal database.
  • The list of possible operators includes Does not equal. Intuitively, that's the operator we should choose. It's very important to understand the results derived by using this operator, so test it on your own. What happens? I'm not going to tell you. You really need to try it yourself.
  • Choose the operator = Equals, even though it's counterintuitive.

Report Options

Report Options Screen

This screen shows the default Output Columns for the List of Events report. Let's see what the report looks like with these options.

Report Sample

Sample Report

This report was generated with the Tri-Valley TMG Users Group's enhanced sample database. GenealogyBank's SSDI is one of the sources we've used in that database. This is a list of the people with event tags documented by the SSDI. "What good is this report?" you ask. These are the people we don't need to search in the SSDI! True, and if we had some way to mark these people in our database, we could then run the original List of People report, substituting our marker for the filter line using the SSN tag.

Report Options: Secondary Output

Secondary Output Tab

Surprise! There is a way to mark these people. Look closely at the comparison chart. There is a column called "Secondary Output." Two list reports, the List of People report and the List of Events report, include an option to change flag values. The screen to the left shows the Secondary Output tab associated with the List of Events report. We could create a flag with the express purpose of changing its value to mark the people we don't want included in a List of People report. Continue this project by exploring "The Power of the Temporary Flag."