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Download TMG Source Type Templates!

Would you like to produce sources that come close to Evidence Explained examples? Our Tri-Valley TMG User Group is studying this tome and creating TMG source type templates that may help you out. The files can be downloaded here. For more information on each template, citation examples, commentary, and alternate possibilities, visit our public blog: "Exploring Evidence Explained with the TV-TMG User Group."

Please note that Evidence Explained references refer to the first edition of the book.

The following Source Type templates have been updated to match the illustrations in our upcoming booklet, "Source Templates for The Master Genealogist." There may be slight differences in these templates when compared to the blog discussion.

Note that these files cannot be opened directly; they must be saved and imported into your TMG dataset. If you're unfamiliar with these files and this procedure, please read our article, An Explanation of our "Evidence Explained" Files.

  • Article (Journal) (online images): EE 14.16
  • Artifact (Privately owned); EE QCM 105
  • City Directory (Online); EE 12.55
  • E-Mail (Multiple); QCM 113
  • Family Bible; EE QCM 107
  • Government Docs (Online/BlueBook); EE 13.23
  • Legal-Reporters (Online); EE 13.18, QCM 729
  • Letter (Historic-Archived); EE QCM 93, QCM 105
  • Letter (Historic-Archived) - Simplified Template
  • Letter (Historic-Privately Held) (One); EE QCM 109
  • Letter (Personal) (Multiple); EE QCM 112
  • Lineage Application; EE QCM 167
  • Military Pension (NARA Manuscript); EE 11.40
  • Military Pension-Dependent (Manuscript); EE 11.40
  • Military Service (NARA Manuscript); EE 11.32
  • Military Service (NARA microfilm); EE 11.32
  • Military Service (NARA digital); QS-Ancestry
  • National Archives Manuscript (Basic Form); EE QCM 541
  • Newspaper (Digital image online); EE 14.22
  • Newspaper (Microfilm)
  • Newspaper (Original)
  • Online DATABASE/Images (Patents); EE 11.51
  • Online Database/IMAGES (BLM); EE 11.27
  • Online Database (QS Ancestry Basic) - Simplified Template
  • Passenger Lists (digital image): emphasis on image; EE 11.17
  • Passenger Lists (online): emphasis on database; EE 11.16
  • State Archives (Maryland) Manuscript; EE 10.36
  • Town/County Files-Basic; EE 10.31, QCM 487
  • Town/County Registers-Basic; EE 10.30, QCM 488
  • Town/County Registers-Basic (FHL Microfilm); EE 10.32, QCM 493

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.