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There comes a time when we'd like to have the headings or other text on our pages to be displayed in a decorative font such as Olde English.

For example, here's a heading that I'd like to be displayed in an Olde English font. Looking on my computer, I found Old English Text MT and thought it would look very nice. I coded up my header tag like this:
<font face="Old English Text MT" size="+3">My Family</font>
and this is how it looks:

My Family

On my computer, this is displayed in a lovely Olde English style font. However, if you don't happen to have that exact font installed on your computer, you're going to see it in the default font:

My Family

Now, since I want everyone to see the page the same way, what I really want to do is create a graphic image using this font and substitute it for the pure text heading. Using Paint Shop Pro, I created a simple GIF file containing only the text "My Family". I had to guess about the font size and try a couple of times to get the size almost exactly the same as the default size for a <h1> tag. (Which happened to be 24-pt bold.) And here it is:

My Family

Here's the HTML coding I used to display my image file as the header:
<h1 align=center>
<img src="myfamily.gif" alt="My Family">
Note that I included the original "text" as the "alt" option on the <img> tag. That's so that folks who don't see graphics will still see the information that is in this header.

Comments? Write me, but please don't ask me to send you the font. You can find similar fonts (commercial, shareware or freeware) online at sites like The Font Pool.